Faculty/Staff Uniforms

Lands End

Uniforms must be purchased through our exclusive provider, Lands’ End, before the first day of school.

School Code: 900140856

Lands’ End has provided us with a GCA specific online store for staff only. To access this store, simply click here and use code 900140856 to order. This site will allow you to purchase more professional attire with the GCA brand. 

When ordering, please remember these details:

  • Order staff polos and dress shirts through this site.

  • T-shirts and multi-colored polos are not for school days, but just for coaching and spirit wear.
  • Select the logo addition for all shirts and choose the placement of UPPER LEFT.

  • If you order a dark colored shirt, select “change logo colors,” so that the colors are the same except the words are in white. NOTE: please you may only use these two approved logos for shirts:

Uniform Specifics

Note- all the uniforms for sale on Land’s End are approved to be worn to school. If you have questions about specifics please see below for information from the handbook.