Contribute to the photo bank!

This is an example of a terrific photo: up close, personal, with pleasant expression and the focus is on the student, but shows Mom in a supportive role. Notice how the vertical and diagonal movement in this photo moves your eye to look at the entire picture. It has interesting angles and is nicely balanced. We can use that bare space at the left for text or we can crop it out.

This is a shot of our librarians in action! It captures enough of the scene that we can see what is happening.

This is nice because it shows students in the class working on a project. We can see their faces. We see even more students in the background focused on the same task. The window in the background makes the light not so great, but this photo is still usable. The picture doesn’t have to be perfect to be usable. Just send the photos that you take and don’t worry about the quality. We can find what we need.