Recommended Gear

Here is the gear we recommend you get at the beginning of the year that you will be able to use for the adventure trips. Before each trip you will have a packing list sent to you with specifics needed for that trip. The key to remember is wear layers so as you get hot you can take things off.

Hiking Pants

Compared to jeans or sweatpants, we highly recommend zip-off hiking pants because they are lightweight, breathe well and make hiking much easier. They offer these in men and women’s styles. You can buy these at:

Columbia (see below for discount)

Magellan (the off brand is a bit cheaper and can be purchased at Academy sports)

Fleece Sweater

For some of the colder trips an essential is a warm fleece sweater that can serve as a layer between a jacket and an undershirt. You can buy this at:

Sporting Good Store

Columbia (see below for discount)

Hiking Boots/Shoes

Since we do quite a bit of hiking, hiking boots or hiking shoes are a necessity.

Look at THIS ARTICLE for tips on picking good hiking boots. You can buy these at:

Columbia (see below for discount)

Your local sporting goods store

Rain Jacket

When hiking it is important to have a rain jacket in case of inclement weather. A simple rain jacket or poncho will work. Columbia offers a great variety of options. You can buy these at:

Sporting good store

Columbia (see below for discount)

Camping Chair

Every student needs to bring a camping chair one each trip. Academy sports sells these for $5. Let me know if you need one, GCA owns a couple extra. You can buy these at:




If you are a high school student you will need to purchase a headlamp for the Enchanted Rock Trip. All other adventure students will need a flashlight. You can buy this at:


Sporting Goods Store

Camp Dish Set (cup, bowl, spoon, fork in a bag)

Required for each trip. Make sure that it comes in a mesh bag because you will be cleaning your own dish and letting it dry after every meal. You can buy this at:



GCA Adventure Merch

This is the current GCA adventure gear we offer. Adventure gear can be worn on spirit days and during adventure class. Fill out the form if you would like to order something, we are placing the order September 17th, 2021. We should have the order in before the first overnight adventure trip.