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Parent Hosted Teacher Luncheon 2023

September 28th

On Thursday during the Parent/Teacher Conferences we would like to bless the teachers by providing lunch, giving them an opportunity to be together during their short break midday. Thank you for your consideration in providing this for them. If you would like to donate towards the purchase of the lunch platter, salads, fruit tray, etc. it would be a tremendous blessing! Any amount collected over what is needed to cover this will be saved and used towards the luncheon for the teachers at Christmas. You can Venmo @Joelle-Clink (to confirm Venmo #2379) or PayPal: clinkjunk@gmail.com
Here is also a sign up if you’d like to bring something for the luncheon or would like to be a part of helping with it.  We are thankful for your generosity showered upon them!
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Parent Teacher Conferences Fall 2023

September 28th

Take advantage of partnership with your student’s teachers early in the year to set off their year for success! 

Students stay home and will be assigned no or minimal homework for lower school and a normal home day load for upper school students.

Parent’s please sign-up for a time below to meet with each of your student’s teachers. See below for more information:

Lower School:

Sign up for 15 minute time slot to meet with the homeroom teacher for each grade. Special/Subject-specialist teachers, like the music, PE and math/history teacher, will be available in the lobby for drop-by meetings.

Middle School:

  1. Please enter through the MAIN GCA SOUTH  doors under the portico.

  2. Arrive at the door to your assigned homeroom classroom for your homeroom teacher conference. 

  3. Visit with your other CORE teachers in the lobby after your homeroom appointment.

  4. Optional: Visit with your coaches and electives teachers in the GYM from 7:40-9:00

  5.  If you need more time with a teacher or are unable to meet with a teacher, schedule a private Zoom meeting with them at another time. 

High School:

1. Please enter through the MAIN GCA SOUTH doors under the portico.

2. Your conferences will take place in the GYM 

3. You will arrive in the GYM as a group all at once– of 6-8 families. Each family chooses a teacher to start with, and then you will rotate in a clockwise direction each time the bell rings. 

4. If. you need more time with a teacher or are unable to meet with a teacher,, schedule a private meeting with them for another time. They are happy to do a call, Zoom, or personal meeting later. 

5. Some electives teachers and coaches will not be present but will be available to schedule an appointment with as needed.


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GCA Helping Hands 23-24

GCA Helping Hands Needs YOU!

We are in need of the following positions to be filled:
  • COPY helpers (school day hours, 1-2 hours per week) 
  • Before School Lobby Set Up (7-7:30 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday) 
  • Family Ninja Challenge Fundraising and Race Committees
  • Family Picnic Helpers
We encourage all families to join Helping Hands by committing to volunteer for 6 hours or more each school year! 
We will have a thank you breakfast for all volunteers each spring!
You will also receive a FREE t-shirt! 
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GCA STEM/STEAM Competitive Team Info

Now Accepting Sign-Ups!

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts:  Drama, Sculpture, Drawing, Creating and Math
Students will learn skills as they celebrate God’s design and creativity that will propel them to success in whatever field God calls them!
GCA will form one team of up to 7 students for each division below 
*returning STEM/ STEAM team members take precedence and will be guaranteed a spot on a team
1st-2nd Grade (non-competitive) 
3rd-5th Grade
6th-8th Grade
9th-12th Grade
STEM/ STEAM Informational Meeting for students and parents:  RSVP HERE (even if you cannot make the meeting) 
Tuesday, Sept. 19th:  3:45-4:30  (Frisco)
*Stay and cheer on the GCA Eagles Volleyball Teams at a home game beginning at 4:30 in the GCA Gym! 
**Support our Seniors and buy a “take and heat” spaghetti dinner to be picked up that day! 
Middle School Volleyball Players: If you are interested in a  STEM/ STEAM team, fill in the RSVP and we will schedule a “make up” meeting for you. 
Mark your Calendar for a  Parent Orientation Meeting for all who are placed on a team: 
Sept. 28th: 8-9 a.m. 
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Homecoming Mum Fundraiser

Wear your Mum October 19th

Mums and Garters are a fun tradition at GCA as part of Homecoming week October 16th-21st. New this year is that both middle school and high school have options to order or make mums or garters to wear on Thursday October 19th. This is a fun way to show school spirit, but keep in mind that buying, making, and/or wearing them is completely optional.

The Homecoming week will end with a Dinner and Dance for the 9-12th graders on October 21st at 5:30. More details about that will be coming soon. 
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Volleyball and Flag Football Game Dates/Info

September 7th and September 9th

GCA vs GCA Flag Football Game on September 9th 
Address: Athlete Training and Health, 1110 Raintree Cir #1220, Allen, TX 75013. 
Time: 12:05pm
Info: Bring your own Chair. There are no Bleachers.
Middle School Volleyball Game at PCA North on September 7th @5pm
ADDRESS:1001 W. Prosper Trail — Please park on the South side of the church and enter through
the double glass doors directly across from the football field.
● The fans will park in the south parking lot and enter the south glass doors.
● There is one entrance for all fans. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for students,
under 5 are free.
There will be NO  Middle School or High School Volleyball practice on Monday, September 11th due to camp.
High School will practice on September 12th from 3:30pm- 5:00pm.
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Need help on your math homework? Come to Math Lab on Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday from 9-10 a.m. and 10-11 a.m. 

Starting Wednesday, August 23rd, any 6th-12th student is invited and encouraged to attend Math Lab with Mrs. Slaughter! This is an opportunity for students to support from a math teacher while working on their math homework.

Dress Code: Students please come in spirit wear, so jeans and a GCA Spirit Shirt

Where: Park and come in through the main entrance. Students please sign in and then you may go to the room “Plano” for math lab

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First Weeks of School- Procedures and Policies

Pick Up Line, Uniforms, Tardies and Detentions, Planned Absence/Sick Students, Late Lunch Drop Off, etc.

Pick Up/Drop Off Line

Drop Off (Morning)

 7:15-7:30 a.m. Middle School Athletics

Only drop off upper school students at this line, no Kinder-5th siblings can be dropped off in the middle school athletics drop-off line.

7:30-7:45 a.m. Upper School

Pull inside the cones and as far forward as possible before stopping to let your student out.

7:45-8:00 a.m. Lower School

Pull up to the farthest cone and a GCA staff or volunteer will help your student unload with their backpack and make it into the school doors.

Pick Up Line (Afternoon)

Have your car line sign visible. If you do not have your car line sign, park and come into the main entrance and get a car line sign before going back through the line to get your student.

3:00 p.m. Lower School

All lower school students will group with the youngest sibling so pick up at the designated spot of your youngest. Pull forward to the farthest cone with your car line sign in your window and we will deliver your student to your car.

 3:30 p.m. Upper School

Pull forward to the farthest cone with your car line sign in your window and we will send your student to your car.

Student Parking:

Students are allowed to park in the west parking lot, down by the portables. When backing up they will need to be careful of cars passing them in the carline.

If you are leaving before 3:30, please walk up to the main entrance and check out. 


Click HERE for the full uniform policy.


An update from last year is students can wear any kind of approved shoe on chapel, dress-up days, Monday. They are no longer required to wear a dress shoe

-If your student’s dress-up day Monday uniform has not arrived yet, please have them wear either a polo or white dress shirt until their official shirt has arrived.

-If your student’s Tuesday/Thursday uniform has not arrived by the first day of school, have them wear khakis and a solid color polo until their uniform arrives.

Tardies and Detentions

All students who arrive after their drop-off line has ended and the doors are locked must enter through the main entrance doors. They will check-in with the front desk team and be sent to their classrooms.


All Upper School students who are tardy will need to get a tardy slip and will receive a 10 minute after school detention for any unexcused tardies. 

-If your student’s class they are tardy for is in the Modulars, park by the modulars and get a tardy slip from Julia Yu in the back office before sending them in to class.

All detentions for tardies or other broken policies must be served the same day by the student. If they cannot serve it the same day, they are allowed to move it to the next in-person school day with permission from the Upper School Attendance Clerk (Autumn Pearson)

If a student receives a detention, we will email the parent who is marked as correspondence to inform you and please arrive 10 minutes after 3 and park and come in the main entrance doors to get your student.

If you are leaving before 3:30 you will serve your detention with Julia Yu in the back office.

Planned Absences/Sick Students

If you have a family vacation or an absences you know is planned and would like to get approval for it please fill out THIS FORM here, also found in the forms section at the bottom of the nest.

If your student wakes up sick, please email attendance@gcafrisco.org to let us know and we will mark them excused for the day.

Excused Absences:

Class day lesson plans may be accessed in FACTs Family Portal.

All homework that was due the day your student missed class is due the first day back.

All homework that becomes due while you are out is due the 2nd day back including work completed in class.

Late Lunch Drop-Off/Visiting Campus

Do you have something to drop off to your student after the drop-off lines are closed and the building is all locked up? As a part of our security plan, here is what we ask you to do:

Please park and place all late drop-off items in the cart outside the main entrance doors with something marking which student/grade they need to go to. Thank you for helping us keep our building secure!

If you do need to visit campus for any reason (to volunteer, to visit a classroom, etc.) please enter by the main entrance doors, sign-in with the front desk and receive a visitor badge.

Water Bottles/Drinks at School

We highly recommend and encourage your child bringing a water bottle to school and would prefer clear water bottles but any kind of water bottles are allowed. 

Only water is allowed in class, no other beverages.


Phones need to be put away before exiting your vehicle in the car line and cannot come out until students are back in their car. Students may have a phone but it should be in their backpack on silent the entire time they are on campus.

If a student is found with a phone out or in their pocket it will be:

  1. Collected by the faculty/staff who observed it
  2. Parent can pick it up at the desk the first time it is collected
  3. The second offense will result in student banned from bringing phone on campus


  • If students needs to contact you they may go to the front desk and receive permission to use their phone at the front desk.
  • Certain teachers may allow students to use their phone for a specific purpose in class like research or to play a game but this is at the discretion of the teacher.