Uniform and Dress Code

Lands End

Uniforms must be purchased through our exclusive provider, Lands’ End, before the first day of school.

School Code: 900140856

At Grace Covenant Academy, we require all students to wear school uniforms. Uniforms can be purchased through our exclusive uniform provider, Lands’ End. Some exceptions are allowed for Lower School.

Why Uniforms?

Uniforms at GCA help to ensure a standard of modesty and neatness which glorifies God and helps students focus on academics.

As you keep this goal in mind, we trust that our uniform policy will prove to be more of a blessing than a burden for your family. Students are expected to be in uniform from the time they enter the facility until the time they leave the facility.

Navigating Lands End Page- Buying Uniforms

Here are the steps to purchase a uniform from Lands End:

  1. Go to THIS webpage

  2. At the top right of the page hover over My Account and click Create an Account or Sign in

  3. Walk through the steps to create your account or sign in with google

  4. On the left menu select School Uniforms

  5. On the top right click the button Start Here

  6. Here you will enter the school code: 900140856 and your students grade level (you will need to go through this process for each of your student’s if you have multiple kids in the school

  7. Select the gender and grade of your student and then click Save School

  8. You are now ready to shop! Choose the student you want to shop for and click Shop for this School

Uniform Specifics

Note- all the uniforms for sale on Land’s End are approved to be worn to school. If you have questions about specifics please see below for information from the handbook. 

Note- The previous required chapel dress uniform has been removed for the school year. There is no longer required dress uniform. 


GCA Uniform Policy