Grace Covenant Academy Philosophy Of Education

Our Philosophy

// Create life-long learners

One of our institutional goals is to cultivate a love of learning within our students to create life-long learners. We know the importance of education and the power of wisdom. Since all knowledge and wisdom point to Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:3), we believe that a truly profitable education is founded in God’s holy word.

With a devotion to truth, we are committed to developing a lifestyle of learning in all of our students. From the classroom to extracurricular activities, we focus on creating life-long learners who will be prepared to think critically, and biblically, in an ever-changing world and culture.

// Partner minded

What does a student typically do at school?

  • Hands on activities
  • Group discussions
  • Instruction
  • Interactive class periods

What will my home days look like?

  • Clear instructions for at-home work
  • Reading, projects, papers, online learning and tests

// Gospel is the Key

The gospel and biblical integration is key to everything we do at Grace Covenant Academy. We keep this in mind when choosing curriculum, developing programs and hiring teachers. Grace Covenant Academy is an independent school and does not affiliate with any specific denomination.

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