June 2-4th, 2023


Elangeni Ranch, 22527 FM 104, Quanah, TX 79252. 

The approximately 1000-acre ranch borders the Pease River and features long draws and beautiful bluffs. The canyons, valleys, and ponds are home to an abundance of wildlife. Drive time from Celina is about 4 hours.  


Students need to bring small tents and sleeping gear.  

  • They may sleep in groups of 3, or by themselves.  
  • Male/ Females in separate tents and tent areas around the main cabin. 

The 2-bedroom cabin has 2 bathrooms and a loft. 

The girls are encouraged to sleep in tents, but have the option to sleep in the loft area or on the  upstairs porch. We have enough beds/sleeping pads to accommodate all the girls. 


We will provide all meals, but students will be on kitchen duty for at least one meal. Please let me know about food allergies or other considerations. 

Students need to bring their own snacks and a bag with eating utensils. 

If possible, please contribute $30/student to help with the cost of meals. 

Items to pack 

Tent with ground tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, small pillow (Contact me if you need help with  any of these items, we have some extras available). 

Towel, toiletries (bathrooms are stocked with soap and shampoo). 

Old clothes (denim, t-shirts, shorts that are finger length), hiking shoes (or thick soled tennis shoes),  sandals/crocks, hat, sunscreen, bug spray. 

Eating utensils (plate, bowl, cup, utensils, and refillable water bottle, drying rag), snacks. Optional: Flash light, binoculars, garden gloves, phone (download the SkyView app), hiking poles.

Other Considerations 

Camping and general activities at the ranch have inherent dangers.  

  • The GCA staff and parent assistants will do everything possible to take reasonable care of  campers, but it is imperative that campers abide by the camp rules at all times.  Campers will need to be careful around slippery rocks, prickly cacti, thorny bushes, bees, wasps,  and spiders. 
  • Even though we encounter rattlesnakes on occasion, nobody has been bitten in the 10 years we  have had the property. However, it is important to stay on pathways and wear denim pants  when hiking. 
  • The Childress hospital is 30 minutes away in case of an emergency.  
  • Each camper must submit a signed student waiver (provided by GCA).  

Phone reception is poor at the ranch. We will provide our phone numbers in case you need to reach  your student. 

Students have to follow the GCA camping dress code. 

Preliminary Program 


2 PM Depart from Celina High School parking area (3455 North Preston Rd) Pitstop at gas station in Electra 

6:30 PM Arrive at the ranch, unload, set-up tents. 

7 PM DINNER (spaghetti and meatballs), night hike, star gazing if no clouds 10:30 PM Lights out 


7:30 AM ~ 4-hour hike to explore plants and wildlife 

BREAKFAST at the bluff (eggs & sausage, fruit, bars) 

12 PM LUNCH at cabin (sandwiches, fruit) 

1 PM Free time 

2 PM Lecture and lab: Emergency medical skills for survival, by Dr. Marius  Meintjes (veterinarian and paramedic) 

3:30 PM River walk – identify fish species and animal tracts 

We’ll be walking barefoot in ankle to knee deep water. Sometimes  

water holes form in the river where you can cool off. Wear shorts  

/swim trunks/one-piece swimsuits with t-shirt. 

6 PM DINNER: Cookout (sausage, hotdogs, veggies, chips, and smores) 8 PM Games/free time/star gazing/shower  

11 PM Lights out 


6:30 AM Sunrise canyon hike (optional) 

8:30 AM BREAKFAST (yogurt, cereal, oats, fruit) 

9:30 AM Bush church and free time 

12 PM LUNCH (chicken salad) 

1 PM Break down campsite, clean up, and load up 

2 PM Depart, one pit stop at a gas station 

~6:30 PM Arrive at the Celina High School meeting area 


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