February 15th- deadline to receive current student re-enrollment discount

Re-enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is officially open! Click HERE for tuition and fee deadline information.

February 15th- Deadline to pay the current student re-enrollment discount

February 15th- We will be opening up enrollment to new families as well

We had an amazing state of school this Tuesday and here is a quick recap of the meeting for those who couldn’t make it due to weather:

– GCA is doing GREAT — We were inspired to stay on track in the vision God has called each of us to as a family.
-GCA  had a great report from the accreditation team
-GCA is more financially stable than we have ever been.
– We are quickly running out of space and our short term goal is grow BETTER before BIGGER 
PRAY: We ask all families to PRAY with us as we seek solutions to the space shortage- and for the right families to join us this next year in the very spots we will have available. 
We spent the 2nd half of the meeting brainstorming and putting our ideas on post it notes as we get our GCA improvement plan in place for our next 3-5 years.  These areas for improvement include:
*Flourishing Families: How can GCA be a GREAT place for families to flourish and grow?
* Prepared Students: Making sure students are ready for their next step
*Student Find Their Place- Making GCA a place that is a community where students find “their people.”
*Resources that Support and Inspire: Ideas for facilities and other resources that may support our students, families, and teachers. 
We will be inviting our GCA parents who are interested  to join us in some Charettes (collaborative  meetings)  this spring for further brainstorming and planning.

Steps for Re-Enrollment:

  1. Login to your family portal
  2. On the left menu select “apply/enroll” and then “Enrollment/Reenrollment”

    3. Click on the blue link that says “click here to open reenrollment”

    4. Under “Packet Status” select “Start Enrollment Packet”

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